John Key is still a dick (different versions for wide appeal)

by Gold Medal Famous

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released July 6, 2014



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Gold Medal Famous Wellington, New Zealand

Avant garde pop from Wellington, NZ. Signed to Powertool Records, Auckland. Founded in 2008.
Members: Vorn, Tamsin, Chris.
Releases: The Invisible Hand (2008), 2009 Sampler (2009), Pop Trash (2009), Don't just text me, call me (2010) , Chemoheavy hardcore (making shapes remix, 2010), The Angry EP (2011), 100 years of rock (2011), The past is another country (2011), John Key is a dick (2011).
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Track Name: John Key is still a dick (electropop version)
John Key is still a dick
A celebrity naff man
who's a little bit thick

Our rivers are getting more shitty
We've got more dairy cows
Than can fit in a city
36 million on the America's Cup
A waste of money on a classic kiwi choke up

John Key can't remember where
he stood on the Springbok Tour
If he was photographed with sushi
could he have less allure
If his mind is that bad how can
he do his job
Go back to your McMansion
and keep being a nouveau riche slob

Orivida and Judith Collins
Maurice Williamson
National and it's rich mates
Ex-tobacco company lobbyists standing
in electorates, shutting down the postal services
Novopay, What a crap govenrment
Vote them out!
Track Name: John Key is still a dick (90s alternative rock version)
v1. Smary celebrity schill
Corporate raider going in for the kill
Politics is more than personality
Arrogant celebrity-chasing Key

John Key is still a dick
His party's policies make me sick
John Key is a neo-liberal tool
Voting National is not cool

v2. He doesn't like to read books
He likes to talk about rugby
The National Party is bad for trees
They've made it more difficult to get degrees

v3. When will the public see
That he's not looking out for you and me
The National Party is for their rich mates
And they ruin the economy
With huge levels of debt